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Executive Travel offers a personalised service delivered 24/7 utilising
state-of-art technology with traveller safety always top of mind. We employ the best in the business with the expertise and knowledge to cover all your travel needs from start to finish and back.

The business world never stands still. Plans can change and opportunities can arrive unexpectedly.

So, what do you really need from your business travel provider?

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Duty of Care for Travellers

Your safety is our primary concern when travelling. Our service includes customer  location reports, 24 hour support, the ability to track down and contact your travellers anywhere in the world quickly, security updates, mobile traveller apps and much more.

Afterhours Service

Recognising the urgency that is often associated with travel, we provide 24/7 service based in Auckland.


We offer a technology solution tailored to meet you company’s specific business requirements. Our technology partners are the best in the business. Executive Travel offers a choice of two customisable online booking tools;

Executive Travel offers you a fully customisable online booking tool.

Our team will work with you implement, train & support you in the use of this current technology that best suits your needs.


Providing travel data is essential. Better insights lead to better business travel. We provide the data you need to make timely and actionable decisions for your business. We believe the key to successful cost reduction is transparency. We will uncover cost reduction opportunities and assist you in working towards cost targets across all of the key travel metrics. By assessing traveller behaviour and purchasing patterns we can maximise savings within your business travel programme.

Our Experience

Experience has taught us that you have to understand the specific requirements of every client. Our client portfolio covers a broad range of industry & sectors including:

We’re Here to Make Travel Easy

Travel should never feel like hard work. While you’re away from home, you need to be able to concentrate on your task and forget about the logistics.

We also take care of foreign currency, insurance, frequent flyer advice, passport and visa requirements as well as and mobile app technology to keep you updated when you are on the move.

Then we go the extra mile by requesting your favourite seat, parking and transfers. We know you’re busy so we’ll take care of all the details.

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